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Advanced Scrum Product Owner Professional more commonly known as A-SPOP, is a certification that allows you to pay particular attention towards maximizing business value and Product backlog optimization to carry out the best possible way to meet the expectations, needs or desires of the stakeholders of an organization.

A-SPOP certification lets you excel in the theories and concepts related to the certified scrum product owner and is a next step in the Agile journey. The certification allows you to elevate your integrity as a product expert and acknowledged as someone who delivers actual business results. The certification lets you excel in effective communication necessary to achieve calibration with varied stakeholders.

If you are a Scrum Product Owner Certified then getting this certification will broaden your horizons as far as Agile concepts and technologies are concerned hence it is a must-have certification for Scrum Product Owner Certified Professionals.

Why choose way2career?

The training at way2career involves a pellucid approach towards learning and rationalizing varied concepts relating to the Advanced Scrum Product Owner Professional certification.

A contrivance of diverse learning tactics in order to accurately contemplate several theories related to Scrum Product Owner.

The learning modules are designed in a planned manner, therefore, provide a better understanding experience. 

An unswerving and smooth learning experience is achieved at way2career possibly due to interactive sessions provided by the training instructor. 

The course curriculum at way2career is oriented with the contemporary Advanced scrum product owner exam, featuring scrum designated applications and operations.


The certification allows you to advance your foundational knowledge as a Scrum Product Owner and will allow you to learn how to implement that in the actual business environment. Once you are in the realms of actuality, the challenges seem harder than ever and with proper expertise and knowledge, you can tackle them with much ease. 

Gain excellent expertise in Agile concepts and theories which in turn will give you Industry Recognition and will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the certification validates that you are fit for managing a scrum team as a certified product owner. Furthermore, this brings in more acknowledgment for you and your work speaks volumes.

The certification lets you excel in the process of identification of a pivotal opportunity and time management for productive outcomes. Once you are able to make out what works best for the organization then you need only act in accordance with the opportunities that come at your door. 

Gain an insight into the process of ordering and expressing Product Backlog commodities. This fundamental feature lets you achieve a smooth flow of commodities in an organization wherein you need not think about risks associated with the product backlog.

Learn to draft a crystal clear product vision that ensures the focus of the end consumers and increases the usability of the product for better acceptance by the customers. Additionally, this allows you to go through the peculiarities of the product in order to contemplate the best strategy for its presentation in the market and with the target audience. Through this, you will be able to increase the adaptability and the accessibility of a product without having to do much.

Upgrade to all the theories and concepts that you mastered in the Scrum Product Owner Professional Certification. This, in turn, enhances your already learned skills and provides you with an atmosphere where you can engage yourself towards your betterment and the betterment of the organization as well.

The program and the curriculum let you master the techniques, skills, terminologies, and principles to the fullest. This, in turn, helps you achieve goals for your organization. It increases the rate of your performance as far as managing a scrum team is concerned.


  • Scrum Product Owner Certification is mandatory to get Advance Scrum Product Owner Certification.
  • 1 year of work experience in the Product Owner profile is also a necessity as far as Advanced Scrum Product Owner certification is concerned.


Well, disposed training is rendered to obtain fruitful results and outcomes.

36 hours of intensive training spread across 8 days (4.5 hours per day) and 9 hours in case of Classroom training.

If you opt for instructor-led Live virtual classroom training then you will receive E-learning as a complimentary service from our end.

Once you join the training, an E-kit consisting of the study material will be given to you for no charge.

We, at way2career, only entertain highly qualified and experienced professionals as far as tutoring is concerned.


  • Sl. No.
  • Chapter
  • Chapter - 1
  • Agile methodologies revisited
  • Chapter - 1.1
  • Lean Thinking
  • Chapter - 1.2
  • Kanban
  • Chapter - 1.3
  • Scrum
  • Chapter - 2
  • Product Owner in Depth
  • Chapter - 2.1
  • Characteristics of PO
  • Chapter - 2.2
  • Perspectives of a PO
  • Chapter - 3
  • Product strategy and planning
  • Chapter - 3.1
  • Developing Product vision and strategy
  • Chapter - 3.2
  • Roadmaps and release planning
  • Chapter - 4
  • Product Backlog creation and management
  • Chapter - 4.1
  • Understanding stakeholder requirements
  • Chapter - 4.2
  • Story mapping
  • Chapter - 4.3
  • Impact mapping
  • Chapter - 4.4
  • Insights into measuring value
  • Chapter - 4.5
  • Behaviour driven Development
  • Chapter - 4.6
  • Advanced Product Backlog refinement
  • Chapter - 5
  • Working with customers
  • Chapter - 5.1
  • Understanding customers
  • Chapter - 5.2
  • Product discovery techniques - Design thinking, Lean Startup
  • Chapter - 5.3
  • Product development using hypothesis
  • Chapter - 5.4
  • • Customer Journey Mapping and Personas