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SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training is a course which is provided by Xyz company/E-learning for providing a cut above in a career of the person undergoing training of this course.

Before proceeding further we need to know what SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training is designed by the Xyz company/organisation and well suited to anyone who wants to or pursuing this course.

With this, anyone who completes the SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training by successfully accomplishing all the required exams will get the award of certification by SCRUM.

This certificate is drafted in such a way that will provide learners with the comprehensive knowledge to take a foot forward in order to get the certification.

This valuable course is constructed for the students and professionals in the Project or Team Management domain.

In SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training you will become a professional who can lead the team or add the value in the business to Walk of life after SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training.

This course provides a very promising career post-completion, as a person after the completion will get the benefits of having knowledge about the basics of SCRUM and the ambit of Product ownership role, helps you to demonstrate the accomplishment of knowledge related to SCRUM, Expansion of your career-related to many or all pertinent business fields.

The constituents related to SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training


  • Exceedingly futuristic Video lessons/tutorials

  • A sturdy phone application (Supporting both iOS & Android)

  • Highly intriguing case studies to make you completely understand the content.

Objectives of SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training

  • Know how to align your SCRUM knowledge with the objectives of the firm/company/organization.

  • Know how can the owner of the product suitable with the SCRUM 

  • Valuable increase in the agility of the business because this course is drafted to give a credible and very deep insight into the Agile SCRUM methodology.

  • The students will be able to master how to manage costs, time, risks, resources and thy will also learn about how to interpret the various phases of Project lifecycle to create a perfect project charter

  • A person who complete this course can have relevant knowledge and skills required for the better performance of the business. That person will also develop the techniques and methods of best practices to be followed for the best management of the projects.

  • Expand your career opportunities across all the industries accepting the Agile practices to improves the performance of their business.


Course Highlights:-

Intriguing Case studies to make you learn every concept in the course in a better way.

Assessment test to improve you better in the relevant domain.

A well-planned grooming effort to make individuals pursuing or completing this course business ready.  

A well structured study material to make you ready for the final examination after which you will be eligible for the professional certification.

Get lifetime access to study material including important E-books, Video Sessions, and important website link fo the for your in hand training.

In this course, you will learn all the concepts related to SCRUM roles, the process of planning the SCRUM process, implementations, planning and related information in the relevant field.

Our course will set the knowledge and its implementation in your brain through instructions and team based exercise.

SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training can be taken by professionals like:

  • Software Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Developer
  • Managers 
  • Team Leads
  • And many professionals for polishing their skills


  • Sl. No.
  • Chapter
  • Chapter - 1
  • Chapter - 1.1
  • What is Agile
  • Chapter - 1.2
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Chapter - 1.3
  • Definition of Scrum
  • Chapter - 1.4
  • Scrum History
  • Chapter - 1.5
  • FIVE values of scrum
  • Chapter - 1.6
  • Scrum Values defined
  • Chapter - 1.7
  • Scrum values and behaviors
  • Chapter - 1.8
  • Scrum Characteristics
  • Chapter - 1.9
  • Scrum Roles
  • Chapter - 1.10
  • What is the difference between Agile & Scrum
  • Chapter - 2
  • Chapter - 2.1
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Chapter - 2.2
  • Empirical process control
  • Chapter - 2.3
  • Defined process control
  • Chapter - 2.4
  • Why is scrum empirical process control
  • Chapter - 2.5
  • The Big Picture
  • Chapter - 2.6
  • Delivering Value Early & Often
  • Chapter - 2.7
  • Faster Turnaround Time & Shorter Feedback Cycle
  • Chapter - 2.8
  • Scrum Team Composition - Engineering Team (Dev+QA, Product Owner, Scrum Master)
  • Chapter - 3
  • Product Owner Basic
  • Chapter - 3.1
  • Understanding Product Owner role
  • Chapter - 3.2
  • What is the role in scrum
  • Chapter - 3.3
  • A good product owner
  • Chapter - 3.4
  • Product owner success
  • Chapter - 3.5
  • Responsibilities
  • Chapter - 3.6
  • Understanding Product vision
  • Chapter - 3.7
  • Vision Boards
  • Chapter - 3.8
  • What is the problem we are trying to solve
  • Chapter - 3.9
  • What value is it going to provide to the end user
  • Chapter - 3.10
  • The Big Picture (Product roadmap)
  • Chapter - 3.11
  • Product Visualization / Preparing Product Plan
  • Chapter - 3.12
  • Prepare/ walk through a case study to explain product plan creation
  • Chapter - 3.13
  • UX-UI design in product
  • Chapter - 4
  • Product backlog ownership
  • Chapter - 4.1
  • Product backlog creation
  • Chapter - 4.2
  • Creating work flows from Use cases
  • Chapter - 4.3
  • What is backlog and how to create it
  • Chapter - 4.4
  • how much details
  • Chapter - 4.5
  • Emergence and how to handle it
  • Chapter - 4.6
  • Progressive refinement
  • Chapter - 4.7
  • Story formats – Problem statement, Description, Acceptance Criteria
  • Chapter - 4.8
  • Identifying stories from Use cases & Work flows
  • Chapter - 4.9
  • Story Sizing – How many acceptance criteria per story?
  • Chapter - 4.10
  • Identifying dependencies
  • Chapter - 4.11
  • prioritization and Backlog Grooming
  • Chapter - 4.12
  • Relative weighting
  • Chapter - 4.13
  • Feature scoring
  • Chapter - 4.14
  • Business value
  • Chapter - 4.15
  • Time boxed stories. What/ Why?
  • Chapter - 5
  • Release Planning
  • Chapter - 5.1
  • Estimation
  • Chapter - 5.2
  • What do you as PO need know for estimates
  • Chapter - 5.3
  • Basic Principles
  • Chapter - 5.4
  • Accuracy in estmation
  • Chapter - 5.5
  • Estimate Size & velocity , Effort vs Accuracy
  • Chapter - 5.6
  • What is a good Plan
  • Chapter - 5.7
  • Planning
  • Chapter - 5.8
  • Release Planning
  • Chapter - 5.9
  • Technical Debt / Bugs prioritization
  • Chapter - 5.10
  • Mid sprint – Reviews / Handling spill over
  • Chapter - 5.11
  • Velocity
  • Chapter - 5.12
  • Understanding “Velocity”
  • Chapter - 5.13
  • Incorporating feedback from Retrospectives
  • Chapter - 6
  • Product Feature acceptance
  • Chapter - 6.1
  • Defining – Definition of done
  • Chapter - 6.2
  • Story acceptance
  • Chapter - 6.3
  • When / Where / How
  • Chapter - 6.4
  • Customer reviews / communication


Q1: What do we get from SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training?

 SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training will impart the skills in you to get product vision, gratifying the customers which can be achieved by the time-bound delivery of what is promised to them.

Q2: Do we get study materials for the course?

Yes, any person pursuing the course will get study materials in the form of ebooks, case studies and videos.

Q3: Is there any pre-requisite for this course?

No, for the completion of this course you do not require any pre-requisite

Q4: What benefit do we get after completion of this course?

You will get a lot of lagniappe after this certification because the certified professionals will become titlist in the subjects required to complete this certification course.

Q5: Who offers SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training?

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Q6: What is Finite Automta ?

SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training is provided by Xyz Company/Organization

Q7: What if I have a query after completion of the course?

Any person pursuing or post-completion of the course will have access to 24/7 services to resolve the query

Q8: Career Benefits after completing this course?

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Q9: What is Finite Automta ?

There are various career benefits after completion of this course:

  • Gain a commendable knowledge of SCRUM
  • Give leadership ability to the Agile Teams
  • Integrate new skills and horn the present skills product development 
  • Stretch your career in the field of SCRUM requirements.
  • The ability gives you the power to become a product owner.

This will empower you to become value adder to any business which every company wants.

  • Provide leadership skills to the Agile teams for improving the result of any business.

Q10: What is Product Owner?

Product Owner is a person who is responsible for maximizing the value of the product that who do many tasks including Creating the product vision, refinement of the product backlog or working with the customers.

Q11: Who is eligible for this course experience person or an unemployed person?

There is no such eligibility required for this course so any person whether unemployed or employed can apply and complete this course.

Q12: What if I miss a class?

All the classes are recorded you can take any class online via your online account of Xyz platform.

Q13: Do these online courses include hands-on training?

Hands-on training provides a person to learn and master the online wealth skills and our course provide hands-on training.

Q14: Can we contact the teachers if we have any query?

Yes, in case of any query you can contact the teachers for solving any query.

Q15: What kind of E-learning Xyz provide?

We at Xyz provide online live sessions for various professional courses.

Q16: Can I take my course from any location or is there any specific location?

You can take classes from any location because we at Xyz provide live online classes.

Q17: How to make the payment for SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training at Xyz?

You can make payments through all leading bank’s using the facility of Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit card. For any other help, please establish contact with our service support team.

Q18: For how long one has access to the content provided as Study Materials?

Once you enrol for SCRUM Product Owner Certification Training at Xyz you can have access to study material for the whole life.

Q19: How to establish contact with you if we require any further help?

If you require any further assistance then you can establish contact by emailing us at 123@Xyz.com

Q20: How capable the instructers are?

The instructors are capable enough to handle the tracking of the student’s process of learning and tweak the process if necessary to make them expert in the relevant field.

Q21: Do you provide transportation allowance to a person pursuing this course?

No, we do not provide any Travelling allowance to any person pursuing this course