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Overview :

Predominantly, Big Data is an abstract of presenting a colossal amount of data and organizing that data. Whereas, Hadoop is a substructure that is used to manage large amounts of data. Hadoop is a solitary framework, inaugurated by Google on the system of Map Reduce. It follows the theories of functional programming.
Clearly, Big Data is the complication whereas Hadoop is it’s treatment.
Hadoop is a framework used to cumulate and process Big Data in a disseminated manner over massive conglomerations of commodity hardware.
Big Data comes up with immeasurable advantages for enterprises and Hadoop is the tool that helps us to utilize those benefits of Big Data.

Why choose Way2career?

  • The training at Way2career involves a truly comprehensible approach towards learning and understanding a plethora of concepts relating to Big Data and Hadoop.
    Implementation of assorted learning tactics to accurately contemplate several theories related to the cloud.
  • The learning modules are designed in a structured manner hence providing better understanding experience. 
  • An unswerving and smooth learning experience is achieved at Way2career.co, possibly due to interactive sessions provided by the training instructor. 
  • The course curriculum at way2career is oriented with the contemporary Big Data and Hadoop exam to achieve fruitful results.


  • An ardor for coding and problem-solving.
  • Cognizance of basic Linux command.
  • The proficiency of JAVA is good but not necessary. Whereas, a better understanding of SQL and
  • RDBMS is recommended.
  • An undying thirst for keeping oneself updated.


  • Way2career’s Big Data and Hadoop training is formulated by the Industry professionals and imparts all-inclusive knowledge in Big Data framework using Hadoop tools like HDFS, YARN, etc.
    The training course acts as an advancement for the learners to conclude how things work on various Big Data projects.
  • The training will introduce you to the diverse concepts of big data analytics, and the seven Vs of big data—Volume, Velocity, Veracity, Variety, Value, Vision, and Visualization.
  • Exploration of Big Data theories, platforms, analytics and their implementation using the power of Hadoop 3.
  • Acquire an understanding of best practices and reflection for Hadoop evolution along with the debugging modus operandi.
  • The training also develops an understanding of how data can be effectively processed when it overflows from PB AND RDBMS systems and consequently aids in the reduction of the cost incurred over-amplification of the server’s capacity.



  • Gradual and careful assistance is provided to achieve 100% productive results.
  • A total of 30 hours of training.
  • Complimentary self-paced E-Learning module.
  • Study material E-KIT is extended to every individual at the time of enrolment.
  • Exam counsel and tricks are shared for top-notch results.
  • Vigorous learning environment along with exceedingly qualified and experienced instructors.