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Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification Training:

The course of Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification is meant to give in-depth knowledge, practice, and skills to the learners that are designed by the team of a highly-experienced and qualified industry professional. This helps the individuals to become successful Hadoop Developer. The individual will be equipped with essential skills and practices on the concept of Hadoop. The curriculum of Big Data Hadoop includes all the topics that are essential for the experience and expertise important for an individual in the Hadoop Ecosystem.

Eligibility of Big Data Hadoop Certification:

The eligibility Criteria to become the big data professionals is to hold the bachelor or the master’s degree in the subject of Mathematics, Science, Finance, engineering, and statistics.
If the individual is from another field of studies, then they can take the help of Big Data training courses so that the skills and the techniques can be learned to be a Big Data Professional.

Objectives of Big Data Hadoop:

The objectives of Big Data Hadoop can be explained below:
The individuals will learn the architecture of Hadoop and Hadoop basics for the beginners.
You can learn the concept of Hadoop, MapReduces framework and HDFS.
Also, the candidates will be proficient enough to write the programs of Map-reduce and deploy the Hadoop clusters.
Individuals can develop applications for big data with the use of Hadoop Technology.
They can develop the Yarn programs on Hadoop 2.X version.
The individuals will be able to work on Big Data analytics with the use of Pig, Yarn, and Hive.
The certification provides the chance to the individuals to learn the fundamentals of the Spark framework and its working.
Understanding of RDD in Apache Spark is provided to the individuals.
You will also get to learn the best practices of Hadoop development.

Paybacks of Big Data Hadoop Certification:

Recruiters and job posting are looking for the candidates with the certification of Hadoop. This is a definite advantage of Hadoop Certification.
It gives an edge over another professional in terms of pay packages and in the same field.
Hadoop Certification helps the individuals to move up the ladder during IJPs and accelerate your career.
It helps individuals from a different technical backgrounds to enter into Hadoop.
Also, the hands-on experience is authenticated that deals with Big Data.
The certification verifies that you are familiar with the latest features of Hadoop.
The individuals can help to speak more confidently about this technology when you are networking with others.

Course highlights of this certification:

The individual can enjoy the instructor-led live sessions are provided to the individuals.
You will also get the facility of e-learning with a detailed e-book.
The candidates can see their progress with the help of timely assessment tests conducted by Way2career.
A major project based on the data set based on real-life situations.
The recorded version available of the sessions if the learning is missed by the individuals.
They can avail of the best online service so that the lifetime access to the session videos and course material.


  • Sl. No.
  • Chapter
  • Chapter -1
  • Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
  • Chapter - 2
  • Getting started with Hadoop
  • Chapter - 3
  • Architecture of Hadoop - HDFS and MapReduce
  • Chapter - 4
  • Configuring Hadoop Environment on Ubuntu
  • Chapter - 5
  • Different modes of installation - Pseudo Distributed Mode, Standalone mode, Fully Distributed Mode
  • Chapter - 6
  • MapReduce Framework
  • Chapter - 7
  • Advanced MapReduce
  • Chapter - 8
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Chapter - 9
  • Pig
  • Chapter - 10
  • Installing and Configuring Pig
  • Chapter - 11
  • Pig Vs SQL
  • Chapter - 12
  • Hive
  • Chapter - 13
  • Installing and Configuring Hive
  • Chapter - 14
  • Hive Query Language
  • Chapter - 15
  • HBase
  • Chapter - 16
  • Installing and Configuring HBase
  • Chapter - 17
  • HBase Region Servers
  • Chapter - 18
  • Zookeeper
  • Chapter - 19
  • Distributed Applications and Challenges
  • Chapter - 20
  • Sqoop
  • Chapter - 21
  • NoSQL movement - Introduction to MongoDB
  • Chapter - 22
  • Flume
  • Chapter - 23
  • Basics of Hadoop Administration


Q1: What are the main components of a Hadoop Application?

The application of Hadoop covers a wide range of technologies that helps in providing a great advantage to solve complex business problems. The components of Hadoop applications are:

  • YARN
  • HDFS
  • Hadoop MapReduce
  • Hadoop Common

Q2: How will this certification benefit us?

  • The certification helps the individuals to move up the ladder during the internal job postings that will help them to accelerate their careers.
  • The certification is of great help to the individuals to get familiar with the latest features of Hadoop.
  • The individuals can gain hands-on experience that helps them to deal with Big Data.

Q3: What is the aim of this certification?

The individual can do this certification to get the following:

  • The certification of Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification helps the candidates to learn the fundamentals of the working of Spark Foundation and everything about that. They can get a proper understanding of RDD in Apache Spark.
  • The individual can acquire the best practices of Hadoop Development.
  • The individuals can be familiar with the architecture of Hadoop and the basics for the beginners.
  • The concepts of MapReduce framework, Hadoop and HDFS can be learned.

Q4: Can we get 1-day money-back guarantee for this certification?

Yes, Way2career provides a 1-day money-back guarantee to the individuals for this certification.