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Cobit 5 Certification Training:

The sector of IT has now become the backbone of processes in most of the organization whether they are big or small. So, the experts felt the need to set the best practices that can ensure the business values that last long for the enterprises. This is the reason that Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) came up. This defines the rules and regulations for the management and governance of enterprise IT.
The certification of Cobit 5 offers the complete foundation for the candidate and allows them to be of help to the enterprise in getting their purposes for supremacy as well as for the handling of enterprise IT. not only this but is also of help to the individuals who work in different enterprises to make the ideal value from IT. this can be done by preserving a balance between optimizing the threat levels, reserving a balance between knowing benefits and asset use. The certification enables the candidates to control the enterprise IT in a complete manner. It is a standard course beneficial for the enterprise for all the sizes, that contains non-profit, commercial and public sector.

What are the principles on which COBIT 5 is based on?

  • COBIT 5 is based on the principles that can be defined below:
  • Covering the enterprise end-to-end
  • Enabling the holistic approach
  • Meeting the needs of the stakeholders
  • Separating the governance from management
  • Applying the single integrated framework

Explain the highlights of this certification.

  • The certification provides 16 hours of instructor-led teaching for the course
  • The training provided directly by competent and skillful instructors.
  • Several case studies are discussed to obtain practical experience and formulate for certain fields.
  • E-kit or e-material is provided to the students for the quality content
  • Recorded sessions so that the candidates do not have to worry if missed the session
  • 24*7 Support available for world cases and scenarios
  • Expert & Certified Trainers available to provide world-class training

Objectives of this certification:

  • Following are the objectives of this certification:
  • To make the individual use the COBIT approach to govern and adopt the good practices and processes of COBIT
  • Utilization of the resources and tools to maintain high-quality information so that the business decisions can be supported.
  • Various levels of risks related to IT and means to improve the prevention, recovery, and detection within an organization
  • To create common terminology and goal that supports the organizational change.
  • To assess the COBIT 5 product architecture using the 5 principles
  • To manage and govern the IT by making the use of 7 enablers
  • Another objective is to teach the individuals about the basic concepts of the new process assessment model
  • How to attain the objectives and realize the business growth through the effective utilization of IT

Eligibility for this certification:

  • The individuals can go for this certification if you are part of audit and insurance, information security, risk management, governance of enterprise IT, regulatory and compliance.
  • The IT professionals such as IT managers, process practitioners, developers, quality professionals, managers in IT service providing firms can go for this certification. This will help them to advance their career.

Target Audience:
The target audience for this certification is:

  • Chief Executives
  • Business Managers
  • Internal Auditors
  • IT/IS Auditors
  • Information security and IT practitioners
  • Consultants


  • Helps in building trust in and value from Information Systems:
    The certification helps in increasing the value of IT and to build trust in the IT services with the help of principles, models, practices, and tools. It enables effective decision making by its users to satisfy the need of the stakeholders.
  • Helps one set apart from the rest:
    This certification will help the individual to set apart from the rest who are non-certified. This determines the volume of the commitment made to the profession. It also enables individuals to be on the cutting edge of practice and knowledge.
  • Increases the capabilities:
    The certification enables the professionals to sharpen the capabilities as they can have a proper understanding of IT-related risk. It also provides the aid to help the enterprise meet statutory, regulatory and government requirements. So, this is helpful for the career growth of the individuals. 




Q1: What is the significance of this certification?

The objective of this certification is to provide the best practices in management and governance of enterprise IT. it also provides a comprehensive view of governance and emphasizes the central role of information and Technology to create the business value that is long-lasting.

Q2: Who can use COBIT 5?

The certification can be used globally by those who hold the responsibility for business processes and technology and have a dependency on it for reliable and relevant information. It is for those who provide reliability, quality, and control of information and related technology.

Q3: What all training is available for the use of COBIT?

ISACA is the education and training portfolio that supports COBIT.

Q4: What does COBIT stand for?

COBIT is an acronym for Control Objectives for Information and related Technology. This is used to identify the name of the framework.