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Course Description:

Businesses that make quick decisions have constantly enjoyed better success. The difference in the time of big data is that organizations can now progress at scale by forcing the power of business analytics. Business experts today are using the tools of tomorrow to make quantum leaps in how they take out value from their data.

Analytics is influencing businesses globally and organizations are on the watch for professionals who are prepared in business analytics.  This includes analyzing data about a business’s previous performance to forecast how it will further perform and make business decisions accordingly.

The PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics by Careerera delivers a supreme opportunity for individuals to initiate their career in the exhilarating field of business analytics.

PGP Program in Business Analytics by Careerera is intended to make and develop all-round business analytics capabilities in contenders. This program will educate you on the motives why a successful business needs more than regular workforces.

Why Business Analytics

  • As a pg program business analytics is relatively new. This developed with the growth of computing power allowing for progressively more complicated analysis to take place.
  • Business analysis is used in most of the world’s chief companies and is particularly valuable.
  • Rising interest in the tech field has made this program worth learning.

Audience Profile:

The ideal contenders for the Post Graduate Programs in Data Science and Business Analytics are

  • Technology Experts
  • Business Researchers
  • Business Executives

Eligibility Standard

Careerera focuses on every being in their program because the team trusts in delivering education to all involved ones. We welcome fresher as well as working experts for the program with 50% collective marks in their respective domains.

But, the stated standards will be appreciated

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • Basic knowledge of the program you are aiming at.
  • Diploma Graduates

Program Objectives

PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics is based on the purpose to make you understand the following:

  • Data managing and mining with SQL and Python
  • Data Visualization with Tableau and Python
  • Statistical Data Analysis with Excel, Python, and R
  • Predictive Statistical Modeling Algorithms
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models on Text & Visuals
  • Applying Algorithms at Scale with Big Data Systems
  • Generating Business Values and Effective Storytelling 

Learning Outcome

  • Improving the decision-making process (quality and significance)
  • Speeding up of the decision-making process
  • Better alignment with strategy
  • Realizing cost-efficiency
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Producing a single, unified outlook of enterprise information
  • Synchronizing financial and operational strategy
  • Increase revenues
  • Sharing information with a wider audience 

Why Careerera?

  • 125000+ Students
  • 4 Million Hours of Learning Delivered
  • Top 10 Ranked Programs
  • 500+ Industry Specialists
  • 25+ India’s Best Business Analytics Faculty

What makes our program outstand?

  1. The program is cautiously crafted by eminent academics and industry experts to assist candidates to develop knowledge of the essential and superior topics in Business Analytics.
  2. The program aims for candidates to use the analytics skills-sets to resolve actual-world business issues.
  3. Various tools and methodologies discussed in the curriculum to gear the candidate skills and prepare them for the field.
  4. Weekend classroom sessions help candidates to acquire an understanding of the program.
  5. Never miss a class as you may switch to a new batch, depending on your availability to guarantee consistent growth.

Scopes upon accomplishment of the program

Major Job roles after the PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics are:

  • Data Scientist (Emphasis on a computer)
  • Data Scientist (Emphasis on analytics)
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst (Manager/Consultant)

Admission Process

  • Apply and fill the application form online on our site.
  • The faculty panels will assess all the applications and select candidates depending on their profiles.
  • Selected candidates will go through an interview which will then be assessed by the faculty panel.
  • An admission proposal will be then made to the selected candidates.


  • Sl. No.
  • Chapter
  • Chapter - 1
  • Introduction to Analytics:-
  • Chapter - 2
  • Statistical Method for Decision Making:-
  • Chapter - 3
  • Business Finance:-
  • Chapter - 4
  • Marketing and CRM:-
  • Chapter - 5
  • Analytics techniques
  • Chapter - 6
  • Data Mining:-
  • Chapter - 7
  • Predictive Modeling:-
  • Chapter - 8
  • Time Series Forecasting:-
  • Chapter - 9
  • Machine Learning:-
  • Chapter - 10
  • Optimization Techniques:-
  • Chapter - 11
  • Domain Specialization
  • Chapter - 12
  • Visualization and insights
  • Chapter - 13
  • Capstone project