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About ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification:-

The ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification (ITIL® Intermediate Planning, Protection and Optimization Certificate) is a stand-alone qualification, as well as being part of the stream Capability ITIL® Intermediate, and one of the modules which lead to the ITIL® expert certificate in IT Service Management. The course is designed to develop to provide the skills to manage the IT services in an individual or person’s focus on aligning the IT services with the business needs. In an understandable way, it is an excellent business management skill and experience of the IT with the necessary training module.

The aim of this training module and the correlate exam and certificate are to impart, test and validate the knowledge on industry procedures and practices in the service management as documented in the ITIL® Service Lifecycle core publications.

The Purpose of ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification Training:-                

The ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification Training is an intermediate level certification which offers to the professionals is to qualify the ITIL® PPO exam. It demonstrates the particular specialization in the ITIL® service capability modules such as OSA (Operational Support and Analysis), SOA (Service Offerings and Agreements), & RCV (Release, Control and Validation) and expertise in the applying the PPO practices to assure the latest and updated services, service management systems and tools, processes and measurement systems, technology architecture, procedures which designed to meet the user’s require and can be sustained once introduced. ITIL® Intermediate PPO certification establishes are the specific knowledge of the processes crosswise the service lifecycle pertaining to the practice elements within (PPO) planning, protection, and optimization in the global market.

What is the Exam Format of this Course?

This Course Exam is designed and developed on the basis given below format:-

  • Multiple choices of questions.
  • 40 Questions.
  • 26 Marks required for passing the exam (out of the 40 available) with 65%.
  • 60 Minutes duration of the exam.

Who Can Choose this Course?

The ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification (ITIL® Planning, Protection and Optimization Certification is intended to enable the candidates or students is to apply the PPO practices during the Service Management Lifecycle (SML) and would suit candidates in the following IT professions or areas such as:-

  • Availability Manager & Management
  • Capacity Manager & Management
  • Change Manager & Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM)
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Information Security Manager & Management (ISM)
  • Demand Management
  • Network Support
  • Network Operation and Control
  • Service Portfolio Manager & Management
  • Business Continuity Manager & Management
  • Supplier Relationship Manager & Management  

What is the Qualification of this Course?

The professional or candidates prior exposure to the basic concepts in IT and, at least, 2-Years professional experience working in the IT Service Management before undertaking any of the ITIL® Intermediary modules.

How do I Become Certified in ITIL® Intermediate PPO?

The students will have to take up the ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification Training from a Registered Education Provider like us Careerera, which possesses the highly experienced and certified trainers for several courses across the globe.

ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification exam is governed via EXIN, APMG, and CSME. The students or professionals must need 28-Hours of the professional training before attending exam on the ITIL® Intermediate capability modules. The exam fee for this course is different as per governing bodies.

After completing the successful ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification Training, the individual’s or students can avail the highest annual salary packages of $100,000.

What are the Benefits of Choose Careerera for ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification Training Online?

The candidates or students can gain competencies in the following areas upon the successful completion of the ITIL® Intermediate PPO Certification Training Online and exam materials related to this course:

  • The service design in the PPO and the service lifecycle context.
  • The course is designed and developed under a tried and the tested, unique learning framework which is proven to deliver 98.6% pass rate in first attempt exam.
  • By online course, the students will get the techniques and tips related to the PPO.
  • The students will get the processes across the service lifecycle belonging to the practice elements within the PPO (Planning, protection, and optimization) roles and responsibilities.
  • The students will get knowledge of the Organizational roles relevant to PPO.
  • The students will receive the Information Security Management as part of the complete corporate governance framework.
  • The Students will acquire the knowledge of the IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM) as a capability to support overall the business continuity management.
  • After completing the successful ITIL® Intermediate PPO Training, the individual’s or students will get Certification via Careerera.