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About ITIL® Intermediate RCV Certification:

ITIL® intermediate RCV certification is part of the ITIL® associated with Intermediate capability stream. It is one of the modules leading to the ITIL® expert in the IT service management. This module is designed to focus strongly on the best RCV practices with enabling service level, demand, supply, service catalogue, financial management through practical application. In such way, this course is the best practice guidance for the ITIL® entry level RCV certification courses.

The chief objectives of this course is to train individual to integrate demand and supply with service portfolio and prospectus in order to deliver assured high level of customer satisfaction by implementing best RCV certification practices. The most attractive thing about ITIL® Intermediate RCV Certification is, individual learn about how to optimize and implement the best practice of service offering and agreement process.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Successful achievement of 4 Credit ITIL® RCV Foundation certificate.
  • Basic IT literacy with work experience of 2 years in IT industry.
  • Completing a minimum 30 hrs instructional sessions from any Accredited Training Organization or e-learning solutions.

Course Structure:

This ITIL® Intermediate RCV Certification training covers the following areas of Service offerings and Agreements:

  • ITIL® 2011 Introduction.
  • ITIL® Qualification criteria.  
  • Definition of the service lifecycle.
  • Definition of the service Capability.
  • Difference between Lifecycle and capability modules.
  • RCV course description.  
  • Managing across the lifecycle.

In case you choose to be on the e-learning training, you will get trained through online study materials, audio and video classes available in our website.

All the enrolled students of our institution have access to our online study materials regardless of the fact if they are classroom based trainees or ITIL® intermediate RCV certification training online based trainees.

Exam Format:

Duration: 90 Minutes.

Type of questions: Multiple choice questions, 8 questions per paper.

Type of Exam: Closed book

Passing Mark: 40% to 70%

Benefit of ITIL® intermediate RCV certification training:

You will be the most benefit granted 4 credits towards your ITIL® Intermediate RCV Certification upon successful completion of this course. ITIL® Intermediate RCV Certification training will improve your understanding of service offerings and agreement process related to service cycle to achieve operational excellence.

You will be also able to measure the success of service offerings and agreements by key functions. It will enrich your understanding of service management and business strategies. This course will also enhance your career and your earnings will be increased up to 40% in terms of salary.

How do I get certified in ITIL® Intermediate RCV qualification?

The ITIL® service offering and agreements qualification can only be taken as a part of an accredited training course. To be eligible for the ITIL® intermediate module in which its service is offerings an agreements qualification.

There are some of the following requirements have to meet as refers below:    

  • Completion of 30thhrs of required classroom based or online based training.
  • Apply for the ITIL® RCV exam.
  • Gain the required 70% score within the specified time limit.
  • Achieve the associated 4 credits.
  • 2 to 4 years professional experience working in IT service management is highly desirable.