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ITIL intermediate SS Certification:
Being an important aspect of IT service, the Service strategy implements the process and techniques that help the IT team within an organization to align with the business. The service strategy helps individuals to have better communication within the organization that will result in the swifter and smoother development of new or updated products and services. This certification is one of the ITIL service lifecycle modules that provides directions to the individuals to design, evolve and execute the service provider strategy. This is not only a free-standing qualification but is also one of the modules that are needed to attain the ITIL Expert Certificate in IT service management. 
The control and the management activities are covered as mentioned in the ITIL service strategy publications. The certification has its emphasis on exercises, in-depth courseware, case studies, and test papers. So, it makes easy for the individuals to pass the exam for the first time and gain the technical knowledge helping you to demonstrate the understanding of the success and the risk factors. The individuals hold the skills to develop the progress strategy within the program or organization. 
Eligibility criterion of ITIL SS Certification:
The individuals should complete the ITIL foundation certification of 2 credits. 
S/he should have a working experience of 2 years in the IT industry with basic IT literacy. 
The certification can be opted by Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information officers, consultants, IT architects, service designers, Team Leaders, Audit Managers, ITSM Trainers. 
Prerequisites of this certification:
For this certification, the candidates should hold the experience of 21 hours of instruction with the training organization or an e-learning solution or ITIL foundation certificate in IT service management. Basic IT proficiency and two years of experience are desirable.
Course highlights:
We maintain the quality of both tutorials and the study material for both our classroom-based trainees as well as the online-based trainees of ITIL SS Certification. 
Extensive training is rendered on each of the sections covered in the SS module. 
Highly experienced professional tutors provide the training to the candidates. 
The certification endows the candidates with a large extent of study materials in the form of audio-video lectures. 
Classroom training benefits enjoyed by the e-learners. 
Self-paced learning offered 12 hours. 
The individuals can enjoy the 10 end- of chapter quizzes
2 samples test papers will be provided 
The exam fee should be included. 
The individuals will get 19 PDUs for this certification. 
Objectives of ITIL Certification:
The ITIL Certification aims to obtain the knowledge of the Structure, terminology and basic concepts. You can comprehend the core principles of the practices of ITIL practices for service management. 
The certification guides designing, developing and implementing service management. It makes sure that the aim of the business and the strategy should be supported by the aims and strategy of IT organizations. 
Paybacks enjoyed by the individuals:
The candidates opting for the certification will gain a professionally and systematic valued approach to the best practice methodology. 
It intensifies the capability of the candidates to recognize, plan and support the services of IT in a business that will increase the efficiency and productivity of the individuals. 
Proper knowledge is provided to the individuals that help them to focus on the needs and the requirements of the customers and user experience instead of wasting so much of the time on the technological issues. 
It enhances the prospects of employment with good packages. 
The best practices are taught on how you can bring a rise in the productivity of the business effectively. 
The ITIL SS Certification is of help to the individuals to identify and concentrate on the highest value activities to help the organization.


  • Sl. No.
  • Chapter
  • Chapter - 1
  • Introduction to ITIL Intermediate Service Strategy
  • Chapter - 2
  • Governance
  • Chapter - 3
  • Service Strategy Processes
  • Chapter - 4
  • Service Strategy Principles
  • Chapter - 5
  • Organising for Service Strategy
  • Chapter - 6
  • Technology Considerations
  • Chapter - 7
  • Implementing Service Strategy
  • Chapter - 8
  • Service Strategy Challenges, Critical Success factors and Risks
  • Chapter - 9
  • Summary and Directed Studies