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Price foundation practitioner training is the certificate course that helps you in project management and builds consistency among the project; it is the practice guidelines for project aspects like scope, time, quality, risk and so on. It is globally recognized in many industries and mandatory in many regions of the UK. It can be tailored according to the specific project you will manage. Demand for Price 2 practitioners have been increasing over time for their skills if implementation and knowledge of the framework. It is versatile and flexible to suit all kinds of projects.

Why Should Do PRINCE2® Certification Training:-

It is a facto project management certification course that built the skills to manage the projects efficiently and allow controlling risk and resources. Most importantly it contains lessons to help you learn teamwork and how to lead a team and it is adjustable as well. Candidate develops product-based planning approach for projects that helps to spilt them into controllable and manageable stages. After the completion of this course, candidates learn to use resources in an effective way with consideration to project risks.

Parts of PRINCE 2 course 


  • PRINCE2 Foundation training
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner training


Purpose of the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Qualification:-


  • It will teach you principles and when qualifies you would be able to apply knowledge as an informed member of the management team according to PRINCE2 methodology with respect to the project environment.
  • PRINCE2 Foundation course tests the knowledge of candidate about the understanding of PRINCE2 method I order to work in an effective manner or as a part of teem  
  • PRINCE2 Foundation is also a pre-requisite for the PRINCE2 practitioner course.
  • It provides all the training of responsibilities which one has to face within the project like project delivery, with whom and when.
  • It helps to add versatility and enhance communication to the projects by incorporating agile methods.
  • The main purpose of the Practitioner course is to check whether an individual has an adequate understanding of how to apply and mold PRICE2 in appropriate circumstances. A successful practitioner should work with appropriate direction so as to start applying methods in real projects.


Who should take this course?

PRINCE2 certification training is ideally suitable for


  • Project managers
  • Project associates/assistant managers
  • Teams managers/leaders
  • Program managers
  • Developers



  • Project engineers-executives


Any professional who aspires to be Project Managers.Project analyst

Course duration

PRINCE2 certification course is a full-time course designed for overall 32 hours which includes 16 hours of PRINCE2 Foundation course and 16 hours of PRINCE2 practitioner course which also includes Exam preparation guidance.


There is no formal eligibility criterion in order to get the PRINCE2 foundation course certification. Candidates to aspire to manage a project can choose to get the certification program.

Candidates who want to sit for PRINCE2 practitioner exam will have to clear some certifications, at least one of the followings


  • · PRINCE2® Foundation.
  • · Project Management Professional (PMP®).
  • · Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).
  • · IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director).
  • · IPMA Level B (Certified Senior Project Manager) .
  • · IPMA Level C (Certified Project Manager).
  • · IPMA Level D (Certified Project Management Associate).



Objective of PRINCE2 Foundation certification training

The main goal of this certification is to ensure that the candidate will be able to handle a project in an efficient manner and act as an informed member of the project management team by employing PRINCE2 methodologies inside the project management team. It inculcates the continual learning by giving access to project management resources. The duration of the course is 2 days which will provide you with comprehensive theories and principles of the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

Objectives of the PRINCE2 Practitioner course training

It will help you incorporate much better management skill set and the candidate will also work with project methodology along with framework and procedures implemented by project managers for executing the plan. Helps to acquire the understanding and tailor your PRINCE projects in order to suit the requirements and oversee the projects. It identifies the management products that are input or output from the numerous processes. Also expand the understanding of candidates about relationships between process, roles as well as areas of the projects.

How Do You Become a PRINCE2 Certified Professional?

In order to become an expert and PRINCE2 certified you have to undergo registered training organizations like Careerera and should have passed PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner exams.PRINCE2 Foundation exam is based on the following format

Exam based objective questions

Comprises of total 8 questions with 10 sub-question which carries 1 mark each.

Minimum passing marks is 44 or above out of 80 and a minimum percentage is 55%.

The time duration of the exam would be two and a half hour with no additional reading time

It will be an open book exam. Note that only from PRICE2 book


PRNCE2 is suitable for people who are aspiring to be in project management and inspire to handle the project in an effective manner with help of this certification course you can develop a product-based planning proposal for projects which splits them into controllable and manageable stages.


  • Sl. No.
  • Chapter
  • Chapter - 1
  • Introduction to PRINCE2® and Project Management
  • Chapter - 2
  • The 7 Principles of PRINCE2®
  • Chapter - 3
  • The 7 Themes of PRINCE2®
  • Chapter - 4
  • The 7 Processes of PRINCE2®
  • Chapter - 5
  • The Tailoring of PRINCE2®
  • Chapter - 6
  • Starting Up a Project (SU)and it products
  • Chapter - 7
  • Initiating a Project(IP) and its products
  • Chapter - 8
  • Managing Stage Boundaries(SB) and its products
  • Chapter - 9
  • Closing a Project(CP)and its products
  • Chapter - 10
  • The Tailoring of PRINCE2®
  • Chapter - 11
  • Sample Exam


Q1: What is the validity of PRINCE2 certification?

There is a certain time period after then you have to renew the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification which is 3 years whereas PRINCE2 Foundation certification and PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification are lifelong validation.

Q2: How to schedule the PRINCE2 foundation course?

The program duration is of 2 days and the exam will be taken at the end of the second day. In case you have opted for both foundations well as a practitioner then the exam will be on the second day or in some cases the third day as well.

Q3: Are there any eligibility criteria for the PRINCE2 course?

There are no pre-requisites for the exam. Anyone who inspires to be a project manager or want to handle projects can get this certificate training. It will help to enhance the skills and get a better job position in the industry.

Q4: Can I take the PRINCE2 exam online?

Yes, PRICE2 exam can be taken online, just make sure you have well-connected internet facility along with webcam and microphone.

Q5: Is the PRINCE 2 foundation is an open book exam?

No, it is closed book however PRINCE@ practitioner exam is open book and candidates can take their manuals along and make the use of key points and there is no penalty for taking manuals inside.


In case you are still having trouble or have any query to ask, you can freely contact customer care service or also drop us mail, we will be happy to help you and we wish you luck for the better future.