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Course Description

This course prepares individual to operate and work with JBoss Enterprise Middleware Products by taking the related certification exams.

About the Jboss Middleware course

It develops It professionals with knowledge of deploying, developing, managing and integrating various applications and services of JBoss products. This course is consisting of various training certification which individuals can attend according to their project need. It has two different curriculum sets, Application one and Development one. This JBoss Application course will train individual with JBoss Enterprise Application platform and operation network. The JBoss Middleware program integrates operational and developing software from various platforms to create a long-term portfolio.

It has three sub parts of products divided into accelerate, integrate and automate. The Accelerate products are made to deliver faster and reliable application with better performance quality. The integrate products are made to connect the enterprises to manage complex environment by connecting data, devices and various application. The automate products are used to optimize business with using JBoss Middleware components to modernize business application infrastructure to deliver agility.

Eligibility and types of courses

No specific educational background is required, any It developers or IT professional can opt for these certifications.

JBoss Middleware Development courses:

  • JBoss Application Development
  • JBoss Enterprise Development
  • JBoss Seam Development
  • JBoss Hibernate Technology
  • JBoss Enterprise Platform
  • JBoss ESB Service Implementation
  • JBoss Enterprise BRMS Implementations

JBoss Middleware Administrator courses:

  • JBoss Application Administration I
  • JBoss Application Administration II
  • System Management with JBoss ON
  • JBoss ON Monitoring

Training Structure

We provide online training for candidates interested into taking each of these courses. These are instructor led classes which you can attend through online platform 24x7 of the year. Separate classes and materials are given to students in form of hard copy and online tutorial videos. This is globally recognized course which has accreditation from the recognized bodies.

Career Benefits

Successful completion of these certifications will get you opportunity to work in top-most IT development industries with an attractive salary package. Application developers and administrators can expect a 50-60% hike in salary with just completing these certifications as required according to their career path. You will become a part of the greater JBoss network and community which will open the door of advanced world of application development and advancement.